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Bad day for a lot of people.

I lived in Aurora, CO for two years. I've been in that theater many, many times. I offer my prayers of sympathy for those who lost their loved ones today. There's been so much negativity today that I felt the need to post the following pic:

I'm the type of person who can learn from other people's mistakes. That's why I watch soap operas. I now know how to ruin all my marriages, alienate my children, coordinate my multiple personalities, run the mob, perform risky medical procedures that no one's ever heard of before, and convince everyone that I'm a long, lost evil twin. 

Need sleep to brain.

In an average week, a healthy person gets between 49-56 hours of sleep (7-8 hours per day). This morning I was working on 18 hours, only one hour in the last 24-hour period. When I started telling my co-worker that a screen saver woke me up in the bathroom (I meant the automated paper-towel dispenser), it was decided I should go home and sleep. A lot.

Just woke up which brought me to approx. 23 hours in the last week. So I'm not even getting half the amount of sleep I should. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY BRAIN???

Forgive me, but I've just discovered my favorite ship (possibly ever).

I need Mason/Julia fan fiction.

4th post today. This is getting a little weird.

I have become obsessed with Julia and Mason from the now defunct soap opera Santa Barbara. I never watched this soap or knew anything about it until last week and now I've been viewing clips over and over on YouTube. I'm obsessed with a 'ship that has been over for more than twenty years!

I'm not sure what I'm obsessed with? The actors are a huge part of it, the characters were well-written and well-acted and the storyline was just crazy: *SPOILER ALERT* (for something over 20 years ago) 

Insanity under the cut. You've been warned.Collapse )

I LOVE IT!!! Every crazy minute of it! And even when they finally end up together (because of course they do), it's not all peaches and cream and fluffy schmoopiness because this is a Soap Opera! and these characters are Flawed! though the fluff is scattered in moments throughout. The storylines are ridiculous (Sonny Sprockett, seriously?) but the writing and the acting is so far above the majority filling the airwaves now and I'm going back to YouTube! because there is NO FAN FICTION FOR THIS AWESOME 'SHIP!

Shel Silverstein lives here:

 Can you tell I'm bored?
No woman has ever shot a man while he was washing the dishes. Just sayin’.